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DNA Genomics on the Blockchain
Blockchain based solution to store, control, and monetize your DNA.

Store DNA

Safe, secure and unassailable

Control DNA

Control Your Own Data

Monetize Your DNA

Individuals should be able to monetize their data
TimiDNA the future of Genomics Health Data Aggregation
The first people-powered platform where you share health data, advance science & take part in the value created. You maintain control of your data.

Let’s Reshape Research Together

The next evolution of medical discoveries depend on a collective community of data contributors needed to make a real difference the future of humanity.

Discoveries Require Diverse Data

Today’s research data is not complete, not easily accessible, and not controlled by the data owner, you. TimiDNA gives you ownership of your data.

Global DNA Marketplace

According to a study conducted by Grand View Research, the global targeted DNA sequencing market is estimated to grow from $4 billion to $16 billion by 2025.
Our Commitment To You
We ensure researchers only access data stripped of personal identifiers and that has passed our quality standards. As proceeds are earned from research studies, you share in financial rewards. We will be transparent in our business processes and ensure the highest standards of privacy and security.
You are joining a community that is changing how health research is done.


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